Pinterest Academy Training (Pinterest Management Course)

Pinterest Academy Training (Pinterest Management Course)

Our Pinterest management courses are geared towards aspiring Pinterest ninjas and Pinterest managers. Our Pinterest courses are divided between Beginner courses and Expert courses.

Our Pinterest training will teach you how to:

  • Build optimised accounts for your clients
  • Use boards and tribes to grow exposure, reach and following
  • Create high engagement pin designs
  • Schedule pins in a time efficient manner
  • Capture important data and share it with your Pinterest clients




Pinterest Academy Training (Pinterest Management Course)

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What is the Pinterest course about?

Our Pinterest Marketing courses are tailored for aspiring Pinterest VAs, Pinterest ninjas and Pinterest Managers. Our Pinterest academy training consists of two levels: Beginner and Expert. Each level is tailored to suit very specific needs in the industry.

Beginner Pinterest course

The Beginner Pinterest management course focuses on the setting up of an optimised Pinterest account as well as on creating click-worthy pins. This Pinterest course will enable you to start managing accounts and putting out content to help your clients’ brands.

The beginner course is more oriented towards Pinterest VAs who wish to learn the basics of creating an optimised account which get a high engagement rate from their community or business owners who wish to learn how to start managing their own Pinterest business account.

Expert Pinterest course

The Expert Pinterest management course  also includes training on using the tailwind app to schedule your pins, training on how to leverage the power of boards and tribes and reporting skills.

The expert training is more geared towards entrepreneurs who wish to learn every tips and tricks acquire technical skills to create and drive optimal high engagement content marketing campaigns for the Pinterest accounts they manage. The expert training will enable the entrepreneur to have all the required skills to start their own Pinterest management business and offer a high quality service to their clients.

Your Pinterest coach

You will have one-to-one access to a professional Pinterest coach who will provide a focused Pinterest training course and who will be available to answer your questions. Our Pinterest coach has been trained by the best and has a long history of success in the Pinterest marketing industry.

What you walk out with

You will walk out of the training with the necessary skillset to manage your own account / clients’ accounts and provide added value with comprehensive reporting and metrics to enable your clients to make better decisions for their marketing strategy.

Over and above the normal technical skills you will also gain analytical insight to how Pinterest operates and how to use it for your different clients which come from different industries and target a completely different niche.

What works for one client does not necessarily work for another and we will teach you the analytical process of how to craft a tailored Pinteresting strategy which you will then be able to apply and implement to any client from any industry.

How it works

  • Upon purchase of the Pinterest management course, you will receive a receipt with a reference.
  • You will receive a welcome e-mail with a link to select your training day/s. From there you will be able to book your Pinterest training session/s.
  • The welcome e-mail will also contain a list of things you will need prior to the meeting to make sure you have the right setup to make the most of the training sessions.
  • After the Pinterest management training, you will also receive a short eBook with the guidelines to becoming an effective Pinterest Marketing Expert.

If you need to re-schedule the training, you will be able to do so at latest 24 hours before the scheduled date and time.

Pinterest Marketing Course

Our Pinterest management courses are geared towards aspiring Pinterest ninjas and Pinterest managers. Our Pinterest courses are divided between Beginner courses and Expert courses.

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