Project details

AB designs overachieved by providing an excellent platform for our business. They were very professional in their project management and always listening and being proactive.
Mauritius Listings

The request

The client needed a website that was fast, SEO ready, and able to generate listing items that would be easily identified on a map through geolocalisation. The UX had to be designed in order to encourage users to find out which businesses were around them and to interact with them through the platform.

The process

I created a listing directory and implemented google maps with the geolocation enable. This was done on google development platform and an API was created. I provide a space for each subscriber to add content (text, photos and a video URL) to best represent their business. A reviews section has been implemented to allow the subscribers to gain in terms of brand reputation. The site has multiple search criteria which can be selected by the prospective customers and each listing is SEO optimised.

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