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Pinterest management services

Our Pinterest managers  help businesses, brands as well as professionals with their Pinterest marketing strategy to grow their traffic and find success online.

With the right Pinterest management strategy, our Pinterest account managers can generate a huge source of traffic for your business and help capture attention from your target market and consequently potentially increase sales. But  Pinterest management can be extremely time consuming and difficult if you do not have a Pinterest account manager who is  up on the latest Pinterest trends and algorithm updates.

Our Pinterest account managers are assigned to specific clients depending on their industry and niche. The Pinterest account manager works with the marketing team to elaborate the best Pinterest marketing strategy and implements the action plan. The Pinterest account manager is also responsible for account monitoring throughout the campaign and uses this data to drive the ongoing Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pinterest account setup

Setting up your Pinterest account is the first and most important thing you should do as a professional or a business. There is more to it than just creating a profile. You need to create an optimised Pinterest account and claim your website.

Your dedicated Pinterest account manager will help setup your Pinterest account up to make it highly searchable and optimized for your business goals. Through our Pinterest management services, your dedicated Pinterest manager will join different Pinterest communities and create a Pinterest network which will help boost your discoverability.


We want to build a sustainable strategy and for this we choose to work on an organic optimisation plan.

Our Pinterest Managers will set up our scheduling tool to make sure your account is constantly sharing pins and repins with keyword rich descriptions. The descriptions will help make your profile more discoverable by your prospective clients.

Each pin is also designed by our Pinterest Marketing experts to elevate and promote your brand in a consistent manner and establish your presence.

Our Pinterest managers will also manage your tribes and your boards, monitor your growth and finetune the Pinterest marketing strategy to generate the maximum amount of traffic to your website.

Promoted Pinterest pins management

For newer accounts to build awareness or for businesses to be more surgical in their targeting there is also the possibility of using paid promotions.

With Pinterest ads, you will have greater influence on the platform. You will spend less time guessing what exactly resonates with your audience or waiting 3-6 months to see results.

Our Pinterest managers will help you find and convert your ideal clients using the power of Pinterest itself.

Boards on Pinterest

Creating Pinterest boards is fundamental to the success of your Pinterest Management strategy. This is where all your content lives and where your audience will eventually go to.

Our clients’ dedicated Pinterest managers will use the power of Pinterest boards to organise your pins and optimise your account with keywords so that Pinterest can index your content and show it to the relevant audience. 

Click-Worthy Pin designs

Pinterest is a visual search engine and as such it is only natural to emphasise on the quality of the pins and their design. Pinterest users attention will be drawn to the beautiful pin designs first and even if your content is premium, if your audience does not even look at your pin it i the same as not being on the platform altogether.

Our Pinterest Managers work with our graphic designers to create stunning, eye-catching and high engagement pin designs as part of our Pinterest Management packages. 

All our pins are optimised with our client’s keywords to get to their ideal client.

Pinterest idea pins

Pinterest released story pins and then renamed it idea pins. Our  Pinterest managers use idea pins to create immersive stories to better engage our client’s audience and grow their network and website traffic.

Our clients’ businesses have a story to tell and their dedicated  Pinterest manager helps them in their storytelling with their expert Pinterest management experience.

Pin scheduling

Pin scheduling is very important for Pinterest account growth as our Pinterest managers have seen direct correlation between empty slots in a schedule and drop in impressions and thus in traffic. Pinterest likes active profiles. 

Our Pinterest managers make sure that your account is always active. Our Pinterest management services include scheduling and the dedicated Pinterest manager will make sure that the relevant pin is being shared at the best times for maximum engagement.

Pinterest keyword research

Pinterest is a search engine for your content to be found it has to be optimised with keyword rich descriptions.

A proper keyword research can make a complete difference and can be a determining factor in  whether your marketing campaign will be successful or not.

Our Pinterest Managers will perform a Pinterest-specific keyword research and create a library of these which will be updated regularly.

Our Packages

Choose your Pinterest Marketing plan


$ 550
Per Month
  • Dedicated Pinterest account manager
  • Daily pin management (up to 600/month)
  • Monthly growth report
  • Tribes management
  • Boards management
  • Monthly strategy call
  • Monthlhy creation of pin images (graphic design)
  • Email support


$ 850
Per Month
  • Dedicated Pinterest account manager
  • Daily pin management (up to 600/month)
  • Monthly growth report
  • Tribes management
  • Boards management
  • Monthly strategy call
  • Monthly creation of 20 pin images per month
  • Email support


$ 1050
Per Month
  • Dedicated Pinterest account manager
  • Daily pin management (up to 600/month)
  • Monthly growth report
  • Tribes management
  • Boards management
  • Monthly strategy call
  • Monthly creation of 40 pin images per month
  • Email support

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