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Do you wish to become a Pinterest VA, a Pinterest ninja, or a Pinterest marketing manager?  Our Pinterest academy course teaches effective Pinterest marketing strategies to reach targeted customers, drive traffic to a specific site and increase conversions.

Pinterest is considered by many to be a social media platform because of its similarity with other social media apps available on mobile devices. However, it is a search engine where all kinds of users market and sell their products and services.

You will receive the best Pinterest course which will allow you to hone these Pinteresting strategies and learn how to become a Pinterest manager.We will help you take your creative inspiration to another level to perfect your clients’ pin formats and optimize them for targeting and buying by Pinterest users.

We will provide you with valuable tips through our learning tool to teach you how to utilize pins like marketing teams do to promote a business account on Pinterest. You can access the course which caters to all types of markets and industries here.

There are 300 million users on Pinterest and each time you launch Pinterest, this number has grown. It will take you a few minutes to complete the purchase of your training course and a few hours to go through the one-to-one coaching. After that, you will be ready to launch your own Pinterest Management business.

What we cover

Pinterest academy

Account setup

Optimise your clients Pinterest profiles with our comprehensive checklist.

Pinterest academy

Boards and tribes

Manage boards and tribes for a maximum exposure.

Pinterest academy

Pin design

Learn how to keep a consistent brand with our graphic design tips.

Pinterest academy

Pin scheduling

We teach you how to best use Tailwind to schedule your clients content.

Pinterest academy


Provide a clear analytics report which will allow better decision making for the strategy.

Pinterest account setup

This is the first step in crafting the ultimate Pinteresting strategies for your future clients.

Our Pinterest ninja will train you and pass on her Pinterest skills to teach how and enable you to create an optimised Pinterest account for your clients. 

There are plenty of Pinterest tips which you will learn about in our Pinterest course.

Create boards on Pinterest

Boards are the resting place for all your pins. We will teach you how to become a Pinterest VA and create amazing boards which are optimised for your client’s content and work along their Pinterest marketing strategy.

Pin design

Any proper Pinterest VA needs to know how to create click-worthy pins to drive successful Pinteresting strategies.

Our very own Pinterest ninja will show you how its done! She will deliver the Pinterest course and at the end you will have all the tools necessary to create amazing high engagement and gorgeous pins.

Pin scheduling

Our Pinterest management course also focuses on pin scheduling. Our Pinterest VA will teach you how to use tailwind to schedule your pins. 

Over and above showing you the technical aspect of using the app, our Pinterest ninja will also share our best practice guidelines to ensure you get the best results out of your Pinterest management strategy.


Driving your Pinteresting strategies is one thing. Understanding the metrics and sharing with your client to allow them to make strategic decisions is another.

Through our Pinterest management course, our Pinterest ninja will share our method of sharing data with our clients and where to retrieve the information from.

About the head Pinterest coach

Sandi is the Lead Marketing and Content Manager and also a successful Pinterest Marketing Manager. She was formed by the best and started working her magic on her clients accounts and obtaining amazing results.

She joined AB designs and now uses her past experience and skills to manage the whole marketing operations and also heads the Pinterest Academy which provides Pinterest coaching to young entrepreneurs who wish to become Pinterest managers. 

Sandi and her team engage with her students one-on-one in an intensive and detailed Pinterest Marketing Course Program which covers the whole Pinterest Marketing Strategy and operations. 


Pinterest Academy Training

This is a comprehensive Pinterest course with our Pinterest Business Manager. At the end of this training, you will have covered below:

  • Account setup (Beginner / Expert)
  • Boards and tribes (Beginner / Expert)
  • Pin design (Expert)
  • Pin scheduling (Expert)
  • Reporting (Expert)

You will walk out of the training with the necessary skillset to manage your own / clients’ accounts and provide added value with a comprehensive reporting (Expert training) with metrics to enable them to make better decisions for their Pinterest marketing strategy.

Upon purchase, you will receive a receipt and a link to book your training session/s. We will communicate a list of things you will need prior to the meeting to make sure you have the right setup to make the most of the training sessions.

After the training, you will also receive an eBook with the summarised guidelines to becoming an effective Pinterest Marketing Expert.

$199 - $499

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