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LinkedIn is the largest professional platform with an online community of over 750 million members. The challenge is to have a LinkedIn presence that can make your account stand out amidst this dense cloud of users and drive the growth of your business.

The most effective way to grow your presence is to have recourse to LinkedIn Marketing Services. It will assist in creating a robust presence on the platform through various activities.

Leads generation, increased website traffic, and brand awareness are the main functions of LinkedIn Marketing Services. Having a strong LinkedIn Marketing Strategy ensures the exponential growth of your connections and enables you to reach out to decision-makers of organizations within the industry you evolve in.

LinkedIn is the ideal B2B platform for businesses to get their organizations to be recognized and push their products and services. It is hence vital to know the in and outs of this potent business tool to reap the maximum benefits. Our LinkedIn Marketing Agency will help you tap into the platform’s perks and reach your ultimate business goals.

LinkedIn Marketing Agencies such as AB Designs can squeeze out the potential of LinkedIn Marketing Services through their expertise and techniques.

Linkedin Profile optimization

LinkedIn profile optimization helps your profile to rank higher on the platform and builds trust amongst the users who you need to connect with and be followed by. An optimized LinkedIn profile will have every part of the personal profile filled out, showing your audience who you are and what you are an expert in.

LinkedIn Profile Optimization will boost your visibility and help you grow your influence. From the right profile picture to a well-thought bio description, your profile is your ticket towards making your way up on LinkedIn searches.

It will help you get noticed and hence increase the click rate towards your account. It is of prime importance to optimize your profile on LinkedIn and reach that all-star status.

LinkedIn profile optimization rules

To optimize your profile through an optimal LinkedIn marketing strategy, there are a few rules of thumb.

Personalizing your profile

The issue with online platforms, it is hard to show you are human. Having a profile picture humanizes your account.

Your background photo is the second most striking visual on your account, therefore you should choose it carefully. It can be a quote, a tagline, a logo, or just a message you want your viewers to relate to. 

Your summary should narrate your story

Your LinkedIn summary is your chance to tell your story so don’t make it just about past experiences and job titles. Be creative and make an impact, so that your profile stands out.

This is probably the most important text where you can involve content marketing, so don’t be afraid to spend some time there, or even better, get someone else to do it for you; LinkedIn marketing experts. 

Skill assessments and endorsements

Your skills are your assets, so make sure you mention them. LinkedIn provides skills assessment features that aid in consolidating the credibility of your skills.

It takes a few minutes to get done but can take you a long way. Get your connections to endorse you. This will substantiate your aptitudes further. 

Sharing of relevant content

To get people to notice you, be active in the sharing of marketing ads or articles. You will pop up in members’ feeds often and at some point, it will create enough curiosity and have people visit your profile.

Even a small like on a post will show on other user’s feeds. Anything you find genuinely interesting, you can share it, and members who can relate will react to it. That is how you begin your way towards recognition.

Linkedin business page optimization

When it comes to having a professional social media presence for businesses, LinkedIn is the leader of the pack. It is the perfect route for your business to acquire professional connections and share information and updates.

A LinkedIn business page would provide your company with online exposure and credibility. Your business profile should be the source where your potential stakeholders can have all the information they need about your company. 

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LinkedIn business page optimization guide

A Complete and Personalized Company Profile

Think of your LinkedIn Business Profile as an ID. IT has to provide whoever comes across it with all the information about your company. Hence all the features need to be filled out.

When all relevant sections are complete, customers and potential partners might be able to learn more about your company and your account would show up more often in search results.

Personalize your profile, add a header picture for your page to be engaging, visually. Make it more fun with some taglines, or your motto! Something that would make people want to read your summary.


Search engines infiltrate the platform to identify profiles and business pages containing certain keywords, which is why you need to do your keyword research. This is where SEO comes in handy.

To save you this trouble, LinkedIn Marketing Agencies already have what you need, you just need to reach out, and voila! You’ve got yourself a nice little summary calling out to all who need to know what you are offering.

With some wise keyword stuffing, you will appear in the search results of the customers you do not want to miss out on without making your summary feel heavy.

Grow your exposure with Inbound Links

Inbound links would earn you credibility points with Google. Once your popularity, due to your credibility, is established through Google you will rank higher.

Having your page link posted somewhere on your LinkedIn page will get people to be redirected to your webpage, increasing its traffic. The ideal way would be to include it in your LinkedIn business page’s tab for ‘visit website’ just below the tagline, so no one would miss it.

Inbound links hold a lot of potentials to drive traffic to your website, make sure you utilize them well.

Joining Groups and communities and drive engagement

Through groups and communities, businesses can network with potential customers. 

Knowing how to maneuver through LinkedIn communities will increase the engagement you have with members and hence contribute to building your robust presence in the market. Many factors come into play when we talk about networking on the biggest professional online platform.

The correct use of hashtags to have members identify your post as a trending one or the conversations you engage in on a post will all contribute towards growing your network. 

Lead generation with LinkedIn

One of the main functions of LinkedIn as a marketing tool for business is its usefulness in generating leads. Lead generation is an indispensable part of the business. Should you want to have money-generating connections, you need to amass a reliable number of leads.

Leads fuel your pipelines and a percentage of that will turn into paying customers. If that number is too small, it would be a struggle to get a positive ROI, hence the importance of having the right stream of leads generated. However, generating leads is not a petty task, it requires a tedious mise-en-oeuvre. 65% of businesses attest that generating traffic and leads is their biggest marketing challenge.

Fortunately, LinkedIn is the best when it comes to the generation of highest-quality leads. More than 80% of online sourced leads for B2B networking are done via LinkedIn, proof of the power of LinkedIn B2B Marketing. However, there is a big catch. Hence, a LinkedIn Marketing Agency would be the best option for lead generation.

Having experts to handle your lead generations through a tailored LinkedIn marketing strategy will allow you to focus on other business operations knowing your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy will be in safe hands.

Generating quality leads consistently would give a business a clear competitive advantage in crowded B2B marketplaces. Having a clear lead generation strategy is the stepping stone towards achieving that advantage.

Business marketers providing LinkedIn Marketing Services have different ways of generating leads, however, the basics remain the same. Below are the basic steps B2B marketers take to put a lead generation strategy into motion.

Generate leads on LinkedIn

Determine the Plan

To start amassing your leads, you need to know what is the main purpose behind generating them. Get your objectives clear and prepare to segment your qualified leads. This step can be done through various ways, namely, lead scoring, matching against buyer personas, or through the determination of the actions which will lead to purchase.

Lead scoring is a system that assigns values or ranks to potential leads based on the likelihood of them becoming a customer. It is one of the most common ways of segmenting your leads based on the industry, company, and job function of the person. You would create a baseline of what the potential lead would be like and use that to assess your leads.

Your tools to Generate Leads

Depending on your audience and objectives, choose the appropriate tools and channels to generate your leads. You will need to collect the necessary data and have a way to showcase them to make the selection easy through the readability of the information after scoring them.

You have to keep in mind the delivery and storage of the information before computing them. Some questions you need to ask yourself are: How will the information be submitted? How to store them? How will you organize the information? 

LinkedIn B2B Marketing through Lead Generation Campaigns

There are various ways to create lead generation campaigns. You can use simple content marketing to get visitors to your page where they can fill a form or run ads on LinkedIn. Since we all agree LinkedIn B2B marketing is powerful, it is safe to say its tools are equally as potent. When using LinkedIn Lead Generation Ad Campaign, the aim is to enable you to attach a tailor-made form to your ad.  When a user clicks on the call-to-action a digital form will be sent to the latter.

Sponsored content like native ads and sponsored InMails are very efficient in generating leads. Understanding how to use these tools demand time and training, a luxury, not all businesses can afford. The right call would be to outsource this task to experts from LinkedIn Marketing Agencies. These experts will create, measure, and optimize all your campaigns, generating high-quality leads based on your demands.

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Networking with LinkedIn

Networking opportunities are what makes the business world go round. LinkedIn allows you to network with professionals and businesses. Networking on LinkedIn is a great way to keep tabs on the latest developments in your industry and to share information with relevant parties.

People in your LinkedIn network are called connections. They are made of 1st degree, 2nd degree, and 3rd-degree connections and also members of the LinkedIn Groups you are part of. The degree of connection you have with another member will dictate how you can interact with them. 

Grow your network on LinkedIn

Growing your connections

The stepping stone in networking on LinkedIn is by sending out invitations to connect with other members. Once a member becomes your first-degree connection, their 1st connections will be then your 2nd-degree connections. The cycle then starts, you can choose to add them as connections through an invitation or by sending InMails. 

LinkedIn Groups & Communities

All the members of a group you follow are part of your network. Groups and communities are important for businesses or individuals on LinkedIn as it creates a pool of incumbents sharing similar values or evolving in the same industry. Participating actively in groups would act in your favor while growing your network. 

Sharing posts and Re-Posts

Sharing updates of your company or industry, with the right hashtags would get you views and resuscitate a reaction from your connections. Re-posting other members’ posts or ads would also create a strong sense of community with them. 

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LinkedIn community management

Because LinkedIn is widely viewed as a professional platform, its importance in building a social community is often overlooked. However, the LinkedIn community is probably the most effective way of building relations with industry professionals, especially through interest groups.

It is a formidable tool to reach out and connect with influencers within the same milieu of one’s business. Managing the LinkedIn community is a business activity on its own and Community Managers are the cut to expertly keep the engagement alive and to grow the number of connections.

LinkedIn Community Management is part of LinkedIn Marketing Services and revolves around building relationships, creating and monitoring content, taking appropriate actions through communication regarding the network.

All the activities a LinkedIn Community Manager does are to create value for the business through efficient maintenance of the community.

Meaningful Engagement on LinkedIn

LinkedIn community managers and LinkedIn Marketing Services providers can build a community on the platform through various ways, the main ones are explained below:

Optimize your Page and Empower your Employee Network. 

Businesses should encourage their employees to connect their LinkedIn accounts to the business’ page. It increases the page’s reach, hence its contents. Empower your employees to be your ambassadors and push updates about your business to new lead generation opportunities.

Optimizing your LinkedIn page will attract more visitors. This can be done in many ways as elaborated on previously. By publishing excellent, relatable content and engaging with other posts, it can stimulate interest in your page, hence, organization.

Activity on LinkedIn groups

Being active in groups, engaging frequently with members will heighten the interest in your page. The more active you are, the more credibility you gain. Creating a group on behalf of your organization is another way of tapping into the LinkedIn Group Functionality.

Define the purpose of the group well along with the group rules you will enforce, to keep the engagement healthy and conducive to a positive community building. Then add your organization’s logo to it and select a group’s name accordingly.

Keep the group alive by inviting and engaging actively with members. In general, all the posts on groups should be industry-relevant and thought-provoking. With the appropriate SEO techniques and hashtags, you should be attracting the members you want to follow your page.

LinkedIn Community Managers

Having dedicated admins or community managers would work to your advantage. The least problematic way of doing so is to invest in the right LinkedIn Marketing Agency.

These agencies have the know-how you need to take care of your growing presence on LinkedIn. These admins or community managers are the front liners of your page leading your business to where you want it to.

From ensuring your page is optimized to attracting and retaining members to grow your reach, they would ensure the smooth rollout of your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy and even help you define it. 

Hire a LinkedIn Marketing agency

To master Linkedin Marketing for B2B is not a simple process. It requires time and a very technical set of skills. Beefing up your profile and your business page is only the start of it.

LinkedIn Marketing Agencies are cut to provide professional LinkedIn Marketing Services to enhance your sales potential.

Lead generation, LinkedIn Groups management, Networking, and Engaging with members, LinkedIn Marketing Agencies are the key to building a sustainable community from which businesses can drive sales.

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