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Our Internet Marketing Services agency has defined a complete and proven method to achieve the specific objectives of each of our clients.

Our Internet Marketing Services agency identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your website in order to provide you with a set of tailor-made strategic White Hat SEO recommendations.

These SEO recommendations will be ready for immediate action and will let you know where to start.

On-Page SEO

Before starting your Internet Marketing Services campaign, our internet marketing experts will scan your website and proceed to a SEO audit. 

Our Internet Marketing agency will analyse your :

  • Keywords
  • Keyword optimised content
  • Alt-text and meta descriptions
  • Page experience
  • Page loading speeds
  • Website’s mobile responsiveness
  • Call to actions
  • Internal and outbound links
  • Core web vitals

Our Internet Marketing experts will ensure that your website follows Google’s guidelines to give it a greater chance of ranking organically.

Off-Page SEO

Our content writers and Internet Marketing specialists will create amazing content and use the power of the web to boost your business online exposure.

Our Internet Marketing agency will optimise this content and share it on our network of high domain authority websites with a mix of Do-follow and No-follow links to:

  • Raise your website’s domain authority
  • Gain trustworthiness with google
  • Generate targeted traffic to your website 

Our Internet Marketing agency will also ensure that your website’s sitemap is submitted in Google Search Console and monitor your Core Web Vitals to maintain your website’s health.

Local businesses also get their website registered on Google My Business and on Google Maps for better local exposure.

Off-Page SEO
Keyword research

Keyword research

Our Internet Marketing Services agency identifies the words most searched by your targets on search engines. These keywords reflect the needs of your target: for example, in order to attract customers nearby, a local Search Engine Optimisation plan based on keywords including your neighbourhood, city or region could be put in place.

AB Designs also uses other Internet Marketing strategies to find related keywords and long-tail keywords which will help your business rank higher and faster on Google.

Once these keywords are identified, our Internet Marketing agency will optimise your website so that each relevant keyword is highlighted independently. 

Internet Marketing is not only about inserting keywords in your webpage content, we also research questions keywords which can be repurposed into blogs. These blogs are also optimised using industry-specific keyword combination to generate traffic to your website.

Content optimisation

Optimising web content helps improve your search engine rankings and increase customer appreciation. Our Internet Marketing Services agency helps you deliver quality, up-to-date content that will provide you with a steady stream of new clients.

Content is not only your website copy, it is also any article published on your website or any press release meant to be published on high DA websites to generate trust in the eyes of Google and also drive traffic to your website.

Content optimisation also include the taxonomies on your website and, in the case of an online store, product descriptions, slugs, snippets and descriptions for search engines, images meta data and more.

Content optimisation
Links aquisition (backlinks)

Links aquisition (backlinks)

Our Internet Marketing Services agency gets you quality links from relevant websites such as government institutions, reputable blogs, professional directories, or even by working on your social networks. In the eyes of Google, these links attest to the quality and reliability of your website, which increases your chances of gaining positions on the results page.

Creating backlinks will help your site get a higher DA (domain authority) and, depending on the location, they may also generate a considerable amount of traffic. 

It is important to monitor your backlinks on a regular basis as it is known that competitors sometimes do what we call anti-Search Engine Optimisation campaigns by generating multiple spam backlinks to their direct competitors to lower their trust level with Google or maybe even create a ban/sanction by Google on their competitor’s domain. These can take time to reverse and cost you a lot of revenue.

Mobile Internet Marketing Services

Mobile Internet Marketing Services is no longer limited to a development opportunity for your business; it must become one of the priorities of your web marketing. Today, the quality of your website or mobile application directly influences the ranking of your desktop website on search engines.

Our Internet Marketing Services agency adapts your website to all devices to ensure optimal navigation for all users. This is web design for SEO.  SEO and web design services are two sides of the same coin. You need both to create an efficient online sales and marketing tool.

AB Designs will create an optimised website which is mobile ready and performs well as per Googles metrics to help your business rank better and give your mobile website visitors the best user experience.

Google Web Stories (1)

Google Web Stories

Google offers an immersive experience to its mobile users with Google web stories.

Our marketing experts and SEO team will create click-worthy google stories for your business.

Our web stories are designed with high quality design elements which are certain to capture your audience’s attention and optimised with relevant search terms to reach people through intent targeting and through suggestive content based on their behaviour and content engagement.

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