5 tips I Wish I Knew Before Building My Website

Website design tips

After spending a lot of time building my website piece by piece, page by page, I finally had a polished product. Each website I built after that became better not only in terms of the visual but also in terms of the techniques I found along the way which made things much easier and helped […]

Website Design Checklist

Like most of us, when you have completed your website design after spending hours (and sometimes days for some), you just want to publish it and make it available for the whole world to see. Of course you should be proud of your design. However, you should make sure that your website visitors get a […]

7 Website optimisation tips

Entrepreneurs need to have an online presence and they turn to professional website designers to create a stunning, elegant, functional and fully responsive website design. However, the more complex the design, the more weight to the page and this means longer loading times. Just like this, a lot of factors..

How to create a dynamic blog

This tutorial requires that you are running Elementor Pro plugin on your WordPress website. At the end of this tutorial, you will have a clear step by step approach to build your own dynamic blog. Elementor Pro is a page builder which will make it much easier for you to control the visual aspect of your website.

7 tips to build your own website

As a business owner and a freelance website designer, my first step was to put my business out there on my personal website. When I first started out, I have experimented with both Wix and Wordpress and enjoyed working with both for different reasons. Starting a business with minimum cost is what you want initially..